Fiji Crop and Livestock Council organizes Farmer Professionalisation & Empowerment Workshop

The Fiji Crop and Livestock Council (FCLC) organizes the workshop ‘Organizing and Strengthening our Farmers and Farmers’ Organisations as Entrepreneurs and Partners in Agribusiness’ on 7th and 8th of March 2019, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, and supported by CTA/PIFON, as part of modernizing the agricultural sector. The ultimate aim is to help increase farmers’ productivity and income individually and collectively, alleviate poverty, improve livelihood, ensure food supply security, and sustainable land management. More than 100 participants are invited, including key agencies and other players along the value chain.

FCLC provides the opportunity for all farmers of Fiji in the crop and livestock sector of approximately 65,000 members, to be represented and bringing them into the process of decision making through ‘participatory and bottom-up approach’, whereby farmers’ issues are identified and appropriately addressed.

FCLC’s vision is to organize farmers and their organisations into dynamic and professional entrepreneurs and partners in agribusiness. They are to be supported and provided with effective services, and empowered through appropriate knowledge and skills in all aspects of farming with inclusive approach, involving youth and women.

Understanding and building network with key stakeholders is prioritized by FCLC as part of advocating and lobbying for the farmers and their organisations, securing sustainable support and strengthening partnerships at different levels with primary and secondary stakeholders, in their capacity as players, supporters, enablers, and facilitators along the value chain (following the market system stakeholder mapping model below).

Market system stakeholder mapping model

The agriculture sector has been, is, and will always be in transition, and agriculture and agri-food systems are very complex and dynamic, as they are constantly changing, adapting and innovating in relation to the context and environment in which they operate.  Many drivers and trends affect agriculture and are likely to impact the farmers and farmers’ organisations, as well as the market structure of the value chain.

A regular review, assessment and monitoring of the overall performance of farmers and farmers’ organisations is imperative, for future sustainable development and growth of the non-sugar agriculture sector in Fiji.

Objectives of the workshop

  1. To facilitate exchange and/or dissemination of information and knowledge related to the non-agricultural sector policies and regulations to the farmers and       the farmers’ organisations;
  2. To assess and identify issues, challenges and opportunities of farmers and the farmers’        organisations;
  3.  To review and develop realistic goals for future strategic direction of the farmers and farmers’ organizations, as catalyst to higher productivity and income, improve livelihood, ensure food security, nutritious and healthy food systems and sustainable land management and overall growth of the non-sugar agricultural sector in Fiji

Expected outputs

The two day discussions and interactions among participants at the Workshop are expected to lead to:

  • Better understanding by farmers and the farmers’ organisations of the agriculture policies and regulations, and related support services provided by other players, enablers, supporters and facilitators;
  • Better assessment and overview of the current situations of farmers and farmers’ organisations;
  • Identification of issues, challenges and opportunities of farmers and farmers’ organisations;
  • Formulation of goals and strategies for farmers and farmers’ organisations as catalyst to higher production and income, improve livelihood, and overall growth and development of the non-sugar agricultural sector.

One thought on “Fiji Crop and Livestock Council organizes Farmer Professionalisation & Empowerment Workshop

  • 8th March 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you for the (2) day workshop FCLC. Learnt a lot from the commodities representatives. It was an eye opener for me as to what make farmers tick at ground level, the difficulties they have to go through in terms of financial security, financial assistance and the current situations of some of these commodities association the lack of infrastructure development, inclusiveness and the lack of access to new agricultural techniques, lack of communication between association and members, lack of commitment from members and other challenges that FCLC can work and harness to mitigate these challenges and make agriculture sexy for our younger generations.

    Once again, FCLC thank you for the workshop and all those donor agencies that presented their different areas of interest and criteria in order to access these financial assistance.

    The best is yet to come.


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