Agriculture-Nutrition-Income Nexus

The high dependence on imported foods and declining consumption of local nutrient dense foods (crops and fish) are contributing to the double burden of malnutrition; pockets of hunger still exist. National sectoral policies and programmes are disconnected and successful community-based programmes are under-resourced.

To effectively address the challenging food and nutrition situation, the regional action plan on the Agriculture-Nutrition-Incom Nexus, created by Pacific stakeholders addresses the most pressing questions: What are the trade-offs for increasing access to affordable nutrient dense foods and at the same time assure greater profits for farmers and other value chain actors? How can communities be better integrated in solving the food and nutrition challenges? Can the Pacific region capitalise on the nutritive value and bioactive principles in their rich biodiversity? What are the priority commodities for attracting public and private investments and what incentives are needed and at which leverage points in the value chains? Would a regional perspective prove essential?

The Action Plan focuses on four priority areas:

1. Policy and governance – Strategic drivers of success

2. Research and product development – Integrate science with traditional knowledge

3. Education and Outreach – NCDs are preventable and reversible: Invest in local value chain development

4. Partnerships – Build coalitions for success

Download the Regional Action Plan on the Agricultural-Nutrition-Income Nexus here.