Ebon Atoll Local Government

Ebon Atoll Local Government was established in 1979. It is hereby recognized as the law making body of the municipal government of Ebon. The council consist of 81 members the seventy nine (79) alaps elected by consensus and two (2) Iroij having traditional rights.

Seed Funding Title: Improving Local Food Production for Livelihood and Import Substitution in Ebon Atoll in the Marshall Islands


Seed Funding Supported Activities:

  • Evaluation of nutrient content of priority local food products (e.g. bredfruit flour) and design labels which provide nutition information.
  • Acquisition of processing equipment for production of breadfruit flour and other prioirty local products as well as packaging.
  • Conducting training programmes on the production and processing of food crops and use and maintenance of equipment. To create and maintain livelihood opportunities for families on Ebon by developing and promoting the production and processing of healthy and nutritious local foods.
  • Reduce dependence on imported foods that are linked to rise in non-communicable diseases and secure market access opportunities for healthy local products.