Cyril Kolese Atung

Position: Crops Scientist- Plant Breeder & Agronomist


Lead the In situ conservation and utilization of sweetpotato for climate-smart agriculture  with FAO through the ITPGR benefit-sharing fund (current)
Lead the NARI-Taiwain (ROC) technicial mission on commercialization project with NARI, Taiwan and DAL
Lead the International edible Aroids Network project funded by EU on "adapting clonally propagated crops to climate change
Project team member (Jr scientist) under EU Project "Generation of Agricultural technologies to mitigate climate chang imposed risks upon food security in smallholder communities in Western Pacific countries
A research scientist with experience in agriculture research, agriculture (R&D) demonstrated knowledge in livelihood options, climate change (mitigation & adaption), monitoring, and evaluation, experience with training (Gender-inclusive) farmers and stakeholders, mentoring of scientists, and support staff, experience in agrobiodiversity and forestry (sustainable management of grassland), experience in data analysis using R and genstat, MS excel, GIS, experimentation, on-farm trials and evaluation, breeding of crops, food crops research, agronomy, climate smart agriculture, climate change, crops germplasm management.


Masters Degree in Science majoring in plant breeding-Massey University NZ (2018)
BSc Agriculture-PNG University of Technology, 2003


Project leader In Situ Conservation and Utilization of Sweetpotato for climate-smart agriculture funded by FAO through the benefit sharing fund (2019-current)
Lead Massey PNG students to become the first runner up to the Manawatu World food Festival 2018
Project leader Farmers training cooperative project (2015-2020) NARI,Taiwain (ROC) and DAL
Project leader international edible aroids network project (2011-2016) "adapting clonally propagated crops to climate change and commercial challengers with 15 other international partners world wide resulting in recommending 4 taro varieties for release to farming communities
Assist Western Pacific project as project Junior scientist resulting in 7 new early maturing sweetpotato varieties recommended for lowland farmers.Assistant sugar cane breeder
Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Apr 2012
Employment Duration2 yrs 4 mos
Planning, mananging & monitoring, evaluating and assesing sugar cane field trials, evaluating and conducting germination on F1 generation under glasshouse condition & hardening them on hardening benches, conducting stage one evaluation trials, conducting & evaluating intermediate and advance line stage trials, conducting milling trials for promoting of sugar varieties to commercial plantation, conduct sugar pollen survey and pollen test identification of male and female in lab using iodine test,conduct crossing using computer crossing system (database),mix standard solution for crossing which is combination of nitric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids and sulphur dioxide gas. Import new sugar can varieties from CIRAD (FRANCE) and BSES (QLD)
Graduate Trainee
Dates EmployedNov 2008 – Dec 2009
Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos
Assist in establishing oil palm agronomy trials, conduct a legume fallow study on sugar cane (grass fallow vs peanut fallow), conduct soil survey on new oil palm planting sites, conducted insecticide trial on top shoot and sesamia borers, conduct a herbicide trial on testing different rates of balance and trophy herbicied scorching effects on sugar cane and weeds, conduct rippening trial comparing the cosair ripener effects on sucrose accumulation in sugar cane, conduct disease surveys on oil palm and sugar cane diseases, rotate between agriculture departmental sections -crops services on farm machinery and commercial herbicide application.