ICTs are playing an increasingly important role in transforming agricultural systems and in enhancing value chain efficiency and competitiveness of agri-enterprises. They are also creating innovative economic opportunities for rural communities, including women and youth.

Increasing internet usage and a plethora of ICT applications across the Pacific Island States have been identified; yet farmers and other stakeholders are unaware of the added value of these services.

The regional action plan on ICT4AG Innovations created by Pacific stakeholders during the #FijiForum2018 addresses some of the most pressing questions:

How can the agricultural community especially farmers on remote islands take greater advantage of ICTs to improve production and market efficiencies? Are there existing ICT Pacific applications and platforms or success stories from other regions that can be better optimised?

This regional action plan contains concrete actions that aim at:

  1. Increasing efficiency in smallholder farming systems and agro-based SMEs through greater access to and wider adoption of ICTs and
  2. Increasing inclusiveness for Pacific farmers and SMEs to overcome challenges from farm to table and enhance access to services, knowledge and markets.

Key actions include:

  • ICT awareness raising and capacity building of smallholder farmers/SMEs and other value chain actors
  • Further deployment, up and out-scaling of existing ICT Apps
  • Prototype / design template for coordinating and networking of transportation systems for fresh produce (
  • Regional Needs analysis/ feasibility study for an interactive ICT enabled platform and searchable database linking production and markets for fresh and processed local food crops and fisheries
  • Research and development of new Apps for addressing climate smart agriculture

By taking into consideration:

  • Cost effectiveness and affordability
  • Viable multi stakeholder partnerships (developers, service providers and users)
  • User friendliness
  • Enhancing access
  • Governance and social cohesion

Download the Regional Action Plan fpr ICT4AG Innovations for Vlaue Chain Development here.