Loving Islands

Loving Islands is a social enterprise in Fiji specialising in developing organic farming value-chains as a pathway to sustainable development in rural communities.


Seed Funding Title: Loving Islands: Growing the Loving Islands Farmer Enterprise (L.I.F.E.) Network

Seed Funding Supported Activities:


  • Completing functional development of the LIFE online vertical value chain system.
  • Training and registration of 200 – 400 new active organic producers.
  • Mapping and auditing of 500 -1,000 hectares of organic lands.
  • Conducting classes for at least 100 women/ men (active producers) on agribusiness financing, food processing and to increase understanding the principle and health benefits of consuming a nutritious diversified diet comprising local food crops and fish and can apply healthy practices.
  • Product development of three – five new branded L.I.F.E. products.

More about the LIFE Network: www.lovingislands.com/our-projects