Nanikaai Community

The Nanikaai Community is a voluntary community group, set-up and owned by community members of Nanikaai Village (population of 1,000). The members (65 – majority fishermen and retirees) are encouraged to produce and eat healthy foods as well as preserve local produce using traditional techniques and hygienic practices.

The Seed Funding project is being implemented through the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultureal Development (MELAD),  in close collaboration with Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

Seed Funding Title: Sustainable Production of Fruits, Vegetables and Marine Resources for Increased Health and Incomes in Nanikaai Community


Seed Funding Supported Activities:

  • Establishing at least twenty (20) home gardens.
  • Provide small equipmnent and technical assistance/ training on home gardening, preservation of local foods, sustainable shellfish farming and creating safe breeding sites for edible shellfish as well as reef fish.
  • Increase awareness on healthy eating and prevention, management and early diagnosis of NCDs.