National Action Plans


The participatory creation of the National Action Plans aims provide tailor-made approaches in order to tackle specific in-country challenges and make use of opportunities at national level for agribusiness and value chain development.

Seven National Action Plans have been created for:

Fiji, KiribatiMarshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu

[Download the National Action Plans by clicking on the country name above]


Each National Action Plan addresses the four priority areas:

  1. Nutrition: Reduction in NCDs and increased income from investments in local food crops and fisheries value chains development
  2. Finance: Making farmers bank ready and banks farmer ready
  3. ICTs – Robust Communication System for Growers
  4. Insurance – Robust Insurance Package for Farmers

The Pacific Islands National Action Plans foster country specific: 

  • Shared understanding of the constraints and opportunities for up-scaling local food crops and fisheries value chains
  • Endorsement of good practices, innovations and critical success factors with high learning potential and relevance
  • Reaching of agreements on key actions and strategies in the four priority areas for upgrading priority local value chains