New Opportunities in the Agritourism Sector in the Pacific

The workshop will share best practices in policy and agribusiness development in the agri-tourism supply chain by some countries and will analyse the support needed to move this agenda forward.

The panel discussion will feature views, experiences and recommendations by policy- makers from agriculture and tourism, entrepreneurs and representatives of the hospitality sector. These will centre on (i) cross-sectoral policies needed to tap into tourism markets; (ii) successful local businesses which have innovated to meet demands in quality, consistency and product development; (iii) tourism sector expectations, and needs from farmers and agribusiness; and (iv) the role of chefs in sourcing locally and promoting local cuisine in hotel menus. The discussion will bring input into the regional strategy

Expected results include:

  • Sharing of lessons learned from supportive policies in agritourism developed in Samoa and Vanuatu;
  • Discussion of selected private and public partnerships bringing new opportunities for the small-scale farmers and agritourism sector;
  • Development of recommendations for a regional strategy;
  • Highlights of discussions and recommendations will feed into the Pacific Agriculture and Tourism Ministers Meeting.

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