Agricultural Value Chain Guide for the Pacific Islands

In 2014, CTA published the ‘Agriculture Value Chain Guide for the Pacific Islands’ and supporting flip chart, prepared by Andrew McGregor and Kyle Stice of Koko Siga Pacific. The manual is composed of diagrams and simple descriptions which outline the role and contribution of each player along the value chain, giving farmers a more holistic understanding of the crop they produce and the final product. It is also a useful tool in the hands of traders and policy makers.

In the Pacific, often many horticultural and other high-value product developments have short-term successes but are frequently unsustainable. The reasons for the lack of sustainability include location, transport linkages and high costs, poor economies of scale, natural disasters, plant disease and market access barriers.
Despite constraints, significant opportunities exist to reduce failures and to expand successes through
identifying ways to improve the value chains for Pacific Island products. Improvements are measured in terms of the sustainable increase in the income earned by those participating in the value chain. This guide endeavours to make a practical contribution to this process.

CTA has funded as well as provided technical guidance together with the Pacific Community on the development of the manual. Further funding for the printing of this publication was provided through the EU-SPC Pacific Agricultural Policy Program (PAPP).


You can download the guide here.

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