Case Study 4: Mobilising multi-stakeholder platforms in the design of national and regional action plans

Year of Publication: 2020

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The Innov4AgPacific project has supported the codesign and validation of seven national and four regional action plans that have mobilised Pacific Islanders around a shared agenda to implement tailor-made solutions for leveraging opportunities for agribusiness and value chain development.

Key Messages

• Capacity building for innovation in agribusiness and value chain development needs to go hand in hand with the development of any action plan.
• Be inclusive – multiple actors should be engaged from the beginning of the consultative process. Involve the public and private sector, smallholder farmers/fishers and other value chain actors, as well as civil society, including urban and rural community leaders, women and youth. This participatory approach ensures that the actions defined are owned by the stakeholders to achieve the desired impact.
• Ensure alignment of stakeholder aspirations and mandates with national/regional priorities to effectively tackle specific challenges, take advantage of opportunities and minimise duplication of efforts.
• The Innov4AgPacific project fostered shared understanding of the constraints and opportunities for developing Pacific local food crops and fisheries value chains. Action plans were built around four jointly identified priority areas: nutrition and incomes, finance, ICTs and weather risk insurance, by learning from good practices, innovations and critical success factors that were determined to be of high relevance for enhanced performance.


What is in it for you?

(i)                 Knowledge of innovative approaches and ideas that you have revealed.

(ii)                Evidence-based policy recommendations to support informed decision making

(iii)               Strategies for replicating certain approaches and actions to maximise return on investments