Case study 6: An ocean of partnerships for building resilience in Pacific food and nutrition systems: Sustaining crop and marine resources, diversifying diets and incomes

Year of Publication: 2020

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Pacific partnerships are like the ocean that surrounds the islands – many interlinked elements form one body. With the need to build resilience in Pacific agrifood and nutrition-sensitive systems; innovation, sustainable use of crop and marine resources and an increasing reliance on human capital offer strong potential for improving incomes and nutrition outcomes in Pacific Island Countries (PICs).


Key messages

• Emphasis must be placed on nurturing and strengthening alliances for co-designing solutions that are owned by Pacific stakeholders. This is now critical for overcoming challenges and building sustainability and resilience in food and nutrition-sensitive systems in Pacific Island States in the long term.
• Public-private-producer partnerships (4P) are a powerful tool for connecting Pacific smallholder farmers, fishers and communities to other key actors; governments, private sector and financiers, to expand their opportunities for accessing inputs, knowledge, financing and markets.
• Pacific partners must work together to Analyse, Act and Advocate to build capacity for change: interweaving different, but complementary knowledge and capacities and critical insights of the local, regional and international context to enhance policy and programme design.
• Build on evidence that is validated through multi-stakeholder consultations and encourage hands-on approaches that are adequately funded for improving dietary diversity and incomes of Pacific households.
• Empower Pacific communities to spur innovation, ensure sustainable use of crops and marine resources and improve livelihoods.