Lessons Learned from Initial Piloting of Farmer-Orientated Value Chain Training in the Pacific

Year of Publication: 2017-02-14

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From 2014-2017, the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network (PIFON) implemented a programme to pilot farmer-orientated value chain training through its farmer organisation members. The CTA ‘Agricultural Value Chain Guide for the Pacific Islands’ was used and the training sessions were supported through several externally funded projects, including the IFAD/SDC1 funded MTCP II project and the EU/SPC PAPP project.

This Innov4AgPacific report synthesizes the feedback from participants of each training as well as the outcomes and impacts and, creates the basis for the practice-oriented key lessons learned and recommendations for the way forward presented.

« The VC training allowed the farmers to see how the products are being handled from farm to the middleman and to the factory. And when we visited the factory there was a big impact. We saw the change in their mind-set and we could see them smiling. » – Rosivela Dresu Fiji Crop and Livestock Council

  • A change of mind-set of the actors in the value chain,
  • The incorporation of the value chain ‘way of thinking’ into extension activities of farmer organisations, and
  • Improvements in relationships and better collaboration

– led to increased supply of produce and new value chain training materials being translated/adapted/adopted into training programmes.

These are just some examples of the many valuable lessons that are shared in this report. They show the importance of capturing the knowledge generated when implementing activities including targeted training, which can then be integrated in new efforts and contribute to learning and innovation for improving value chain coordination and performance that benefit Pacific farmers and agribusinesses.