New Report: Novel ICT Applications for Pacific Agri-food and Nutritious Systems: Best Practices, Gaps and Opportunities in Fiji

Year of Publication: 2018-07-19

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This report discusses the present Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) utilised in the agricultural sector in Fiji. It emphasises on some of the challenges faced in particular with the ICT tools, as well as the advantages and benefits these bring to the agricultural sector. The report also includes recommendations in upscaling of the present tools to bridge the gaps that are visible in current times. Furthermore, new initiatives which can further boost the agricultural sector in Fiji, as well as the Pacific region, have been highlighted.


  • Introduction
  • Methodology/approach
  • Results
    – ICT usage in Fiji
    – Mapping key actors including service providers
    – ICT tools – Apps, platforms, information systems
  • Recommendations
  • Potential ICT tools
  • Conclusion