Regional Forum Workshop Report Climate Resilience and Agricultural Risk Insurance

Year of Publication: 2018-08-10

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Within the context of the CTA-IFAD-PIPSO project “Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific Islands”, a
Regional Forum has been held from 7-10 May 2018 in Suva Fiji with the theme titled: ‘Developing Food Crops and Fisheries Value Chains – Key Innovations and Critical Success Factors’.

The Forum consisted of 4 major workshops on 1) Finance & Business Environment 2) Agricultural-Nutrition-Income Nexus 3) ICT4AG Innovations and 4) Climate Resilience and Agricultural Risk Insurance and plenary sessions.

This report focuses on the discussions and outcomes generated during the Climate Resilience and Agricultural Risk Insurance workshop chaired by Mr. Simon Cole, Chairman of the Fiji Crop Livestock Council. The workshop addressed pressing questions like; Are there opportunities to learn from the process adopted by Fiji and other regions to develop a suitable tailor made index-based products for the Pacific? Would a regional perspective prove essential? What are the priority crops/ fish species that should be included in such a scheme? What scheme can farmers afford and what do they want?

The report captures the assessment that was made on the seven Pacific Island Countries based on context, agricultural sector specificities, climate conditions, policy and regulatory framework and interest of key stakeholders especially insurers, farmers and policymakers. The findings of the workshop formed the basis of the Action Plans for Agriculture Insurance at regional and national level.




Workshop on Climate Resilience and Agricultural Insurance

Lessons Learnt from the Workshop

Synthesis of Issues and Recommendations

Summaries of Presentations