Pacific OPPO Manual and Workbook

Year of Publication: 2020

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Optimising the Performance of Producers’ Organisations (OPPO) – Towards a Farmer Inclusive Business Model

The seven tools that are profiled in this manual have been selected from the extensive 3-week WCDI OPPO course toolbox, validated by the Pacific experts/ farmer leaders and endorsed as relevant by Pacific stakeholders. The three additional tools (OPPO tools 8-10) are also selected from the course toolbox.

The goal is to motivate and enable Pacific value chain stakeholders to use the tools to conduct further in-depth analysis and training so that they become ‘game changers’ and proactively make a difference for thousands of family farms. Knowledge, joint learning, collaboration, trust and partnerships are key to successful innovation in Pacific agri-food systems for improved nutrition and incomes.

In this manual you will learn how to:

  • Profile farmers, assess their resource endowment and understand farmer motivations;
  • Assess the governance, management and performance of farmers’ organisations;
  • Conduct value chain and stakeholder mapping;
  • Formulate strategic orientations for action planning;
  • Initiate the development of a farmer inclusive value chain/ agribusiness case.

Download the OPPO Manual here: 

Pacific OPPO Manual

Download the accompanying complete OPPO Workbook here: 

OPPO Workbook – Annex 1 to 10 of the OPPO Manual

Get an overview of the OPPO approach and tools in this video:


You can also download each guideline individually below and watch the video explanation of each tool:

Guidelines OPPO Tool 1: Your farmer-inclusive agribusiness development case

Guidelines OPPO Tool 2: Profiling Farmers

Guidelines OPPO Tool 3: Capital Pentagon

Guidelines OPPO Tool 4: GMP of a Farmers Organisation (word file)

Guidelines OPPO Tool 4: GMP of a Farmers Organisation (excel file)


Guidelines OPPO Tool 5: Value chain mapping and analysis

Guidelines OPPO Tool 6: Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis


Guidelines OPPO Tool 7: Strategic orientations and planning for improving farmers’ performance and income

Additional OPPO Tools:

Guidelines OPPO Tool 8: Collective Action – What Farmer Organisations can do

Guidelines OPPO Tool 9: Business Model Canvas

Guidelines OPPO Tool 10: Principles for Inclusive Business – Assessment of Supplier-Buyer Relations


Download Pacific value chain and stakeholder maps here:

Value Chain & Stakeholder Maps