Value Chain & Stakeholder Maps

In collaboration with Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WUR/CDI), PIFON and the Innov4AgPacific project, seven Pacific farmer leaders/experts who had benefitted from the three-week ‘Optimising the Performance of Producers Organisations’ (OPPO) training programme in the Netherlands in late 2018 completed the analysis and mapping of seven priority value chains and stakeholder systems (see maps below).

They also developed and piloted strategies for upgrading the priority value chains and enhancing organisational performance and trained many other farmers and value chain actors – nationally and regionally. Additionally, they piloted business cases to mobilise financing to expand market opportunities so that farmers can ‘move-up’ the value chain. PIFON also incorporated lessons from farmer-oriented value chain training and OPPO activities and published a revised PIFON Value Chain guide.

Making Dalo FIT: Fiji dalo farmers’ action and collaboration for improving local Food production and nutrition, improving farmers’ Income and promoting Trade

Prepared by: Jiu Daunivalu,CEO, Fiji Crop and Livestock Council, Fiji

Nature’s Way: Cooperative owned heat treatment facility for Fijian eggplant and fruits to improve farmers’ access to high value markets

Prepared by: Timote Waqainabete, Project Extension Officer, Nature’s Way Cooperative, Fiji

Promoting vegetables for nutrition improvement: The case of Abaiang farmers’ organic vegetables supplying the domestic market

Prepared by: Routan Tongaiaba, Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agriculture Development (MELAD) and Abaiang Farmers Organisation, Kiribati

Republic of the Marshall Islands
Putting Value to Breadfruit: MIOFA organized action for improving tree management, collecting and processing breadfruit into consumer products

Prepared by: Karness Kusto, President, Marshall Islands Organic Farmers’ Association (MIOFA)

Revival of Taro: Samoa Farmers’ Association promoting taro production and taro market development – the case of farmers in Fiagatele (Upolu)

Prepared by: Faafetai Fata, Farm Manager and Member of Samoa Farmers’ Association (SFA)

Solomon Islands
Solo Niu! SIVCOPA organizing farmers and producing virgin coconut oil for domestic and international markets and improving livelihoods

Prepared by: MaryJane Hou Kaikari, Secretary, Solomon Islands Virgin Coconut Oil Producers’ Association (SIVCOPA)

Kingdom of Tonga
Don’t Underestimate the Manioke: Establishing farmer-company partnerships for developing and diversifying cassava value chains in Tongatapu

Prepared by: Joanna Bourke, Agribusiness Consultant, CocoNew The Agency, Nishi Trading and MORDI TT, Tonga